2019 Appearances

           ​27th-                      Roy Pfeffer Big Smoke Family @ The Bear Club, Luton

                 10th-                       MF Robots European Tour, Jazz Cafe, London

                 8th-                        MF Robots European Tour, Porgy and Bess, Vienna

​                  7th-                       MF Robots European Tour, Kulturfabrik, Roth

                 6th-                        MF Robots European Tour, Le Singe, Biel, Switzerland

Apr         5th-                        MF Robots European Tour, Music Kontor, Hereford, Germany

                30th-                       Arts Club Residency, Members Lounge, Mayfair

                26th-                       Otty Warman SHB Live @ 100 Wardour Street Soho

                 19th-                       More is More Live @ Sofar Sounds

                 20th-                      London City BigBand @ The Spice of Life Soho

                   9th-                       Arts Club Residency, Members Lounge, Mayfair

                    7th-                       ACE Productions Live @ Ruya Bar

Mar          2nd-                      Muzika @ The Royal Lancester with Guest Artist Pixie Lott

                   28th-                     Ben Treacher Trio @ The Clocktower, Croyden

                   26th-                     Ben Treacher Quartet @ Olivers, Greenwich

                    18th-                     Annabel Williams Special Event @ Pizza Express, Soho

Feb            2nd-                     Arts Club Residency, Members Lounge, Mayfair

                   27th-                     MUZIKA @ The Arts Club, Dover Street, Mayfair

Jan           12th-                     Sax and DJ Arts Club Residency, Members Lounge, Mayfair

2018 Appearances

                  31st-                    Bel Air New Years Special @ Quaglinos, Mayfair

                  18th-                   Aspects Music Private Event, Marrakesh

                  14th-                   ALR Live in Amsterdam

             7th-                    Sound House Band, The Langham

                  6th-                     Sax and DJ Members Lounge, Arts Club, Mayfair

             6th-                    More is More Private Function @ Madame Tussauds

                    1st-                     Sax and DJ @ The Mayfair Arts Club

Dec           1st-                     New Atlantics @ The Mayfair Arts Club

           29th-                    Keri Arrindell Jazz Trio @ Boisdales Belgravia

            28th-                    Seraphina Jazz Quintet @ Park Chinois, Mayfair

                 24th-                    Bel Air + Sax and DJ after @ The Arts Club, Mayfair

                 24th-                    Ben Treacher Trio Private Function @ The Natural History Museum

                 18th-                    Dan Mulligan Band @ The Davenport Loft

                 17th-                    MUZIKA @ The Shard, Shangri- La

                 16th-                    MF Robots Live @ The Hideaway, Streatham

                 15th-                    More is More Turn on the Xmas Lights @ Regents Street

                 15th-                    New City Lights Live @ 100 Wardour, Soho

                 10th-                    MUZIKA Private event, Munich

                  8th-                     Bel Air Live @ 100 Wardour, Soho

                  3rd-                     Avenue 10 @ The Savoy

Nov          1st-                      Bel Air Live @ 100 Wardour, Soho

                26th-                     Sax and DJ @ The Playboy Club, Mayfair

                25th-                     Sax and DJ @ The Arts Club, Mayfair

                25th-                     Bel Air Live @ 100 Wardour, Soho

                17th-                      MF Robots Live @ Lucerna Bar, Prague

           16th-                     MF Robots Live @ The Blue Note, Milan

                13th-                     Roadrunner Live @ Lavender Fields

                 11th-                     Sax and DJ Residency @ The Mayfair Arts Club

                 11th-                     Liam Stevens Duo @ The Piano Bar, Soho

                  5th-                     M- Swift Album Launch @ Empire Hackney

Oct          1st-                      More is More @ Sofar Sounds, Reference Library, Charing Cross

                 28th-                    Annabel's Jungle Party, Annabel's Mayfair

                 27th-                    More is More Live with DR Schwamp @ The Half Moon, Putney

                 22nd-                   The Big Smoke Band play the Bussey Building

                 22nd-                   Jeff Brown Sextet @ The White Swan, Charlton

                  14th-                   Bel Air Live + Sax and DJ Afterwards @ The Arts Club, Mayfair

                   8th-                    BEAT Live @ Cornwell Manor

Sep           2nd-                   MUZIKA Private Event, Langham 

            26th-                  MUZIKA Private Event, Pisa

                  18th-                  The Sound House Band, The Hilton, Park Lane

                  12th-                   More is More Live @ Boom Town Festival

                  11th-                    New Atlantics Live @ May Fair Arts Club

                   8th-                    MUZIKA Private Event, Vilnius, Lithuania

                   5th-                    MUZIKA @ The Dorchester

                   4th-                    New City Lights Live @ Mayfair Arts Club, Dover Street

Aug           3rd-                  New City Lights Live @ 100 Wardour Street, Soho

                   28th-                 MF Robots/ Kravtiz Tour Collisioni Fest, Barolo Italy

                   27th-                  MF Robots/ Kravitz Tour St Germaine, France

                    25th-                 MF Robots/ Kravitz tour Zenith de Lille, France

                   23rd-                 MF Robots-Lenny Kravitz Support Tour Second leg- Rockhal Luxembourg

                   22nd-                More is More performance @ Regents Street

                    21st-                  Arts Club Residency, Mayfair

                    20th-                 More is More Live in Concert @ The City Pantry 

                    19th-                 Arts Club Residency Sax and DJ

                    15th-                  More is More Live on Regents Street, Street Party

Jul             14th-                   Bel Air Residency @ Arts Club Mayfair + DJ Sax afterwards   

                  24th-                 Jo Harrop Swing Band Live @ The NED

                     23rd-                BEAT Band Live @ The Shard

                     22nd-               MF Robots live in Holland @ 'Swingin' Festival- Groningen

                     21st-                 Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency 

              21st-                 Mica Paris in Concert @ Westminster Plaza 

                     15th-                 Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency Night Club

                     15th-                 Bel Air Band Residency,  100 Wardour Street, Soho

                     10th-                Avenue 10 Private Function

                     9th-                  Arts Club Mayfair Sax and DJ Residency

                     5th-                  MF Robots/ Lenny Kravitz Tour Bratislava NTC

 ​                   3rd-                  MF Robots/ Lenny Kravitz Tour Budapest SportAreana

Jun            1st-                   MF Robots/ Lenny Kravitz Eastern Europe Tour, Prague O2 Arena

                     31st-                 MF Robots Support Lenny Kravitz on Vibration Tour, Munich Olympiahalle

                     29th-                Tom Dring 5tet ft Ben Treacher + James Copus live @ The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston

                     27th-                MUZIKA Show band on the Daisy Queen Boat 

                     26th-                Bel Air Band Residency @ The Arts Club, Mayfair + Sax and DJ Set afterwards

                      24th-               Ben Treacher/ Liam Stevens Jazz Duo @ The Piano Bar, Soho

                      19th-               Private Sax and DJ Booking Denbies Wine Estate

                     18th-                Roadrunner Band Private Function

                     17th-                 New City Lights Band Residency @ 100 Wardour Street

                     13th-                Roadrunner Band Private Function

                     13th-                 Yxng Bane Live Performance on Good Morning TV

                     12th-                 Arts Club Mayfair Sax and DJ Residency Upstairs

                     11th-                 More is More live at Balabam

                     10th-                Ben Treacher Trio live @ Croyden Clocktower    

                     5th-                   ALR Band Live in Cairo Private Corporate Event

                     3rd-                  Arts Club Mayfair Sax and DJ Residency Upstairs

May           ​1st-                    Jay Phelps 5tet @ East Side Jazz Club Leyton

​                     28th-                MF Robots Live @ Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Band on the Wall, Manchester                      

                     25th-                MF Robots Live @ 229 The Venue, London

                     21st-                 MF Robots live @ Blue Note, Milan

                      7th-                 Arts Club Mayfair Sax & DJ Residency

Apr             2nd-                More is More, Sofar Sounds

                      30th-              Arts Club Mayfair Sax & DJ Residency 

​                     28th-               Ben Treacher/ Hugh Pascall Quintet @ Spice of Life Lunchtime special

​                     16th-                Sound House Band Soul Residency, Poppies, Camden

                      13th-               Blue Lion Exhibition, Zeigfreid Von Underbelly

                      3rd-                MUZIKA Private Function, Berlin

Mar              1st-                 George Trebor Trio, The Mesmerist, Brighton

                     23rd-               MF Robots Headlining Lotos Jazz Festival Bielsko, Poland 

                     18th-               Tim Wearden Quintet at the White Heart Lincoln 

                      17th-               Arts Club Mayfair Sax and DJ Residency

Feb​              10th-               Arts Club Mayfair Sax & DJ Residency

                      28th-              Urban Soul Orchestra India Tour, Jaipur

​                      20th-              Arts Club Mayfair Sax & DJ Residency 

​                      20th-             Avenue 10 Private Function The Marriot

Jan              11th-              Duo w Liam Stevens @ The Soho Piano Bar

2017 Appearances

                    31st-                Kyubi NYE Special + Arts Club After party- 4am, Dover Street, Mayfair

                     16th-               Arts Club Residency, Dover Street, Mayfair

                     14th-               More is More @ Greenwich Wintertime Festival

                     13th-              Ben Treacher Hosts the Jam Upstairs @ Ronnie Scott's

                     12th-              PADO  @ Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

                     8th-                Sax and DJ @ Kensington Roof Gardens

                      1st-                 House Band, Blues and Rock @ Balabam, Tottenham

Dec             1st-                 More is More @ Vibe Bar 91

                   28th-                Palace Avenue Swing@ Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                   25th-                 Arts Club Residency, Upstairs Bar Sax and DJ

                    23rd-               More is More w Dr Shwamp @ The Half Moon, Putney

                   19th-                 Palace Avenue Dance Orchestra @ Riviera Swing, Torquey 

                    16th-                London Jazz Festival Presents Cherise Adams Burnett Group @ The Pheasantry, Chelsea

                   11th-                 Ben Treacher Trio @ The Browns Wood  

                    7th-                  Palace Avenue Swing @ Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

Nov​           3rd-                 James Beckwith House Band @ Old Street Records

                   28th-                MF Robots Headlining @ Umea Jazz Festival, Sweden

                   27th-                Sam and the Womp Live @ Waterloo Vaults

                   26th-                Arts Club DJ Sax residency

                   20th-                Animanz Live @ The Hootananny Brixton

                   17th-                Harlem Swing Train @ Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                   14th-                 Palace Avenue Dance Orchestra Live at Hornsey Swingfest

                   13th-                 Arts Club DJ Sax residency, Mayfair

                   12th-                 Arts Club DJ Sax residency, Mayfair

​                   10th-                Harlem Swing Train, Shoreditch Blues Kitchen

​                   6th-                  Earl Bostic Special Blitz Cahoots, Waterloo Vaults

Oct            5th-                  More is More LaLa Land Themed Special, Leeds    

​                  30th-                 Sax & DJ, 'A Late Summer Nights Dream' Masquerade Ball, Kensington Roof Gardens

                 28th-                  More is More LaLa Themed Event, Brent Cross

​                  26th-                 Palace Avenue Swing @ The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                  23rd-                 Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

                  22nd-                The Sound House Band Live @ Poppies, Camden 

                   21st-                 MF Robots Live @ Oslo, Hackney 

                   19th-                Palace Avenue Swing, The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

                   17th-                 Ben Treacher 3io @ The Great Exhibition Pub, Dulwich

​                   16th-                Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair 

Sept​          13th-                More is More Private Function, Marrakesh, Morocco   

​                   12th-                Animanz LIve @ Boom Town Festival

                   12th-                Sam and the Womp Live @ Boom Town Festival 

                   8th-                  Palace Avenue Swing @ The Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

                   6th-                  The Ben Treacher 4tet live @ GoodEvening, The Royal Albert, New Cross

                   6th-                  Sam and the Womp @ Portsmouth Festival 

                   5th-                  Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

Aug           3rd-                 More is More @ Epsom Races

                  23rd-                 Sam and the Womp Live @ (last ever) Secret Garden Party

                  22nd-                Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

                  22nd-                Swing Ninja's, Mother Pizza Restaurant Opening, Battersea

                  18th-                 Palace Avenue Swing @ Blues Kitchen Shoredtich

                   8th-                  Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

                   7th-                  London Electricity Big Band Live @ Pohoda Festival, Slovakia 

July         4th-                  Palace Avenue Swing @ Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                 24th-                 House Band, Latin Special @ The Jazz Cafe, Camden

                 24th-                 More is More Live @ Jamboree

                 21st-                   Earth Wind and Choir- Disco Special @ XOYO Club, Old Street

​                20th-                  Palace Avenue Swing @ Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                 16th-                  Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

​                 15th-                  More is More LaLa Land Special, Bristol 

                 14th-                  Earth Wind and Choir- Disco Special @ XOYO Club, Old Street

                 11th-                   Ben Treacher 3io @ The Great Exhibition Pub, Dulwich

​                 10th-                  Arts Club Sax and DJ Residency, Mayfair

                 9th-                    Duo w/ Liam Stevens @ The Piano Bar, GH Space, Soho

                 7th-                    PADO 3io@ Brixton Blues Kitchen

                 6th-                    LinkedIn Private Event, More is More

                2nd-                    The Captitals Residency @ Quaglino's, Mayfair

June       1st-                    Duo w/ Liam Stevens @ The Piano Bar, GH Space, Soho

​              31st-                      Dave Delgado DJ Sax Set Madison Roof Top 

​             30th-                      Flames of Rhythm @ Shoreditch Blues Kitchen

              25th-                     Steve Taylor Big Band, Buddy Rich Special, Ziggies Jazz Club

             24th-                      Cherise Adams Burnett Quintet @ Park Chinoise

             19th-                       NYJO Nonet, Maidenhead 

             13th-                       Palace Avenue Dance Orchestra Live @ Hornsey Town Hall Swing Night

              9th-                        Flames of Rhythm @ Shoreditch Blues Kitchen

              7th-                        Jazz Special Double Gig @ The Great Exhibition+The Grape and Grain

              6th-                        Animanz live @ Hanwell Festival

May     4th-                        Sax and DJ The Arts club, Mayfair

              26th-                    PADO 3io @ Brixton Blues Kitchen 

              23rd-                    Liam Stevens Quartet @ The Bulls Head, Barnes

​              23rd-                    More is More play @ FA final, Wembley

               21st-                     The Capitals residency @ Quaglinos, Mayfair

​               13th-                    Brothers Ignatious BigBand Skafest, Islington  

April    ​5th-                      More is More- Brighton i360

           28th-                   Palace Avenue Dance Orchestra @ Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch

                26th-                   Animanz live @ The Archspace, Shoreditch

                23rd-                   Swing Ninja's @ Oriole Bar

                17th-                    More is More live @ JUJU'S Shoreditch

                16th-                    More is More, Sea Containers, Blackfriers

                 5th-                     Bombatomica @ Jam in a Jar

​                4th-                     SoundHouse Band Residency @ Poppies, Camden

Mar       ​4th-                     More is More- Wimbledon Market

​           28th-                   Harlem Swing Train @ The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

                 25th-                   Muzika @ The Dorchester, Private Function

                 19th-                   Laura Holland Band, Broadstairs

                 18th-                   Roadrunner Band, Private Function, Hitchin 

                 11th-                    Sam and the Womp Live @ The Vaults, Galactic Love Fest 

                10th-                    More is More Live @ Pop Brixton

Feb          4th-                   Adimans Live @ Hootenanny

     26th- 30th-                   More is More Switzerland Tour (Venues TBC)

                 21st-                   Muzika @ The Dorchester, Private Function

                 15th-                  Hugo Simmonds Trio @ The Great Exhibition, Dulwich

                 14th-                  Soundhouse Band Residency @ Poppies, Camden

Jan         14th-                  House Band @ Oblix, The Shard

2016 Appearances

            31st-                  Delgado Band NYE House Special @ Tarshish, Turn Pike Lane

                   26th-                House Band @ Oblix, The Shard- Boxing Day Special                 

                  22nd-               Ben Treacher Quintet @ The Croyden Clocktower

                   17th-                 Roadrunner Band, Private Function, Welwyn

                   16th-                 Sway Band Residency @ The Old Billingsgate

                   15th-                 The Alex Mendham Dance Orchestra, The Grosvenor Recording for BBC 1

                   11th-                  Muzika @ The Grosvenor Hotel- Private Function

                   10th-                 Creation Band, DJ Live @ The Savoy

                   3rd-                   More is More live @ The Hootenanny, Brixton

                   3rd-                   House band Residency at OBLIX, The Shard

 Dec          2nd-                  Grace Girls Live @ Grace Bar

                  26th-                 Creation Band- Private Function

                   25th-                Sway Band Residency @ The Old Billingsgate

                   24th-                Steve Taylor Bigband Live @ Ronnies

                   19th-                Roadrunner Band- Private Function

                  18th-                 Grace Girls Live @ Grace Bar

                  13th-                 Hugo Simmons Trio @ The Great Exhibition

Nov          11th-                 Grace Girls Live @ Grace Bar

                   30th-                Muzika, Private Function

                   23rd-                Simone Kaye Trio @ Gilgamesh, Camden

                   22nd-               The Swing Ninjas Residency @ Oriole Bar

                   16th-                Ben Treacher Quartet Double Bill @ The Vortex, Dalston (Tickets onsale now £8)

               11th-                 Harlem Swing Train live @ Shoreditch Blues Kitchen 10pm-Midnight

                   8th-                  Ben Scrivner Band, Turnpike Lane

​                   6th-                  Simone Kaye Trio Live@ Gilgamesh, Camden

Oct           1st-                   The Low Riders, Private Event, The Amadeus, Maida Vale

                  30th-                Simone Kaye Trio Live @ Gilgamesh, Camden

                  29th-                Ben Treacher/ Liam Stevens Duo @ GH Space, Buisness Bar, Soho

                  24th-                Sax + DJ with LOLA HOUSE Private Event, The Anna Diamond Charity Ball, Cumbria

​                  23rd-                Skabretta @ The Woodman, Dartford

​                  17th-                 SWAY Band @ Richmond Golf Course

                 16th-                Skabretta @ The Feltham

​                   15th-                JungleBoogie play Trinity Laban Thames Boat Party Freshers

Sept         ​5th-9th-          More is More live @Bestival, The Marquee, The Woods, Bestival

                   20th-               The Ben Treacher Quartet @ The Woolpack Summer Party

​                   16th-                House Swing band for Lindy Hopping Class, The Scolt Head, Dalstons

                   13th-                Laura Holland Band Live at the Jinney Ring Blues Festival

                   9th-                  The Flames live @ 'The Blues Kitchen', Shoreditch

                   7th-                  Leviathan Quartet, Private Function, Middlesex

​                   6th-                  Gatsby Band, Private Function, Hailsham

August   ​  5th-                 Laura Holland Band live @ Cambridge Blues Festival

                  30th-                The Prototypes, Private Function, Gloucester

                  25th-                 Leviathan Quartet play for The Last Disney Cruise @ Dover

                  24th-                 Sam and the Womp Live @ Secret Garden Party

                   23rd-                Roadrunner @ Lympne Zoo

                    22nd-               The Treach/Guich Sensation Live @ at The Watson's General Telegraph

                   10th-                 Sam and the Womp Live @ Bradford Festival

​                   2nd-                  Phat Cats Band live @ Eltham Palace, Greenwich

July          1st-                    Soundhouse band, The Solent Business Ball, Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

                    25th-                 Atlantic Soul Orchestra Live at 'The Blues Kitchen', Shoreditch

​                    19th-                 NYJO Nonet live @ St Nicholas Church, Chiswick 

​                    18th-                 Atlantic Soul Orchestra Live at 'The Blues Kitchen', Shoreditch

                     4th-                  More is More live @ BlackHeath Halls

                    4th-                    Ben Treacher Quartet Live @ The Woolpack Garden Party

June         2nd-                   Treach/Guich Sensation Live @ The Clocktower Cafe, Croyden

                    27th-                  Steve Taylor Bigband Live @ Ziggies, Dugsdale Arts Centre

                     17th-                  Lynne @ Time Out Festival, 229 Grt Portland Street

                     12th-                  Laura Holland Blues Band @ Proud Camden

​                     8th-                    Blackheath Jazz @ The Lord Northbrook, Lee

May            4th-                   Ben Treacher Trio @ The Hop and Berry, Islington

​                       30th-               Skabretta @ Skafest Maidstone

                       28th-               Ben Treacher Duo Live @ GH Space, Exclusive Members Club

                       27th-                Barney Lowe Bigband @ The Spice of Life, Soho

                       23rd-               Sam and the Womp Live @ Brixton Hootenanny

                       23rd-               Guest with Ampleforth College Bigband @ Pizza Express Soho

                       16th-                Skabretta @ The Music Room, Ipswitch

                       12th-                Blue Lion Band Exhibition @ Zeigfried Von Underbelly

                      10th-               BlackHeath Jazz @ The Lord Northbrook, Lee

                        9th-                More is More live @ The Duke Pub, Creek Road

                         7th-                Treach/Guich Sensation Live @ Watson's General Telegraph

                         3rd-               Steve Taylor Bigband @ Pizza Express, Soho

​April             2nd-               Zaylon Thompson Live @ Bar Primo 

​                         28th-             The Ben Treacher Quartet @ The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

                         27th-             The Treach/ Guich Sensation @ The Royal Albert, New Cross

                         26th-             Skabretta, The Fox and Firkin, Lewisham

                         23rd-             Ben Treacher Trio, The Hop and Berry, Liverpool Road

​                         19th-             Skabretta, Higham WMC 

​                         13th-             Blackheath Jazz, The Lord Northbrook, Lee

​                         12th-             More is More with London Contemporary Voices @ The Oval Space

​                         6th-               NYJO Nonet, The Bull's Head, Barnes

​March           5th-              Ben Treacher Duo, Viva Bacchus, London Bridge

​                           26th-          Skabretta @ The Railway, Essex  

                           23rd-          Casper Hoedemaekers Trio,  Merchant House, Bank  

​                          20th -          Leading NYJO London Workshop for young jazz musicians- LCCM

                          14th  -         Liam Stevens Quartet @ The Grafton Kentish Town

                           13th  -        The Ben Treacher Quartet @ Berkhampstead Jazz Club (Book Now! 01442-824173)

February       11th  -        The Ben Treacher Quartet @ Oliver's Jazz bar, Nevada St, Greenwich

                           31st  -         NYJO Nonet @ The Bull's Head, Barnes

                           30th -         Skabretta @ New Cross Inn, New Cross

                           29th -         Skabretta @ Red Lion, Sittingbourne

​                           23rd -         Skabretta + DJ Belfast Charity Event at The Dublin Castle, Camden

                           22nd -        Skabretta @ The Railway, Prittlewell, Southend

                           17th  -         Catford Pentecostal, Ben Treacher + House Band

                           16th  -        Road Runner- Private function, Hitchin

                           2nd   -        Skabretta @ 'The Hootenanny' Brixton

January          1st     -        Palumbo and the Funk New Year's Day Party- 'The Hootenanny' Brixton

​​​2015 Appearances

                           31st-            Blue Lions- Hixter Club, London Bridge

                  19th-           Skabretta- Thames Boat Party with Skardicat

                           18th-           Skabretta- Whisper's, Gravesend

                           16th-           The Black Sheikhs- 4 Golden Square, Soho

                  13th-          Andrew Cameron 4tet at 'Belgique' Wanstead

                           11th-           Skabretta, 'The Gravesend Boat'

​                           10th-         Big Band Theory, The Century Club, Shaftesbury Avenue 

                  8th -           Laura Holland Blues Band- Croyden

​                          6th  -          Ben Treacher at Catford Pentacostal

​December        5th -          Andrew Cameron Quintet- (Private Function) 

                          29th-          Liam Stevens 4tet @ 'The Grafton' Kentish Town

                          28th-          The Swing Ninja's- (Private Function)

                           27th-         NYJO Septet- Burnham Market, Norfolk

                           26th-         NYJO Nonet- Pizza Express, Dean Street, Soho

                           21st -          Andy Davies Quintet- Croyden 

                  20th-         Steve Taylor Bigband at the London Jazz Festival, Ziggies (Dugsdale Arts Center)

​November       13th -          NYJO in concert, Kenton Theater, Henley

                          31st  -          The Liam Stevens Quartet @ St. Michaels- 7 Star Arts Launch Party

                          25th -          The Liam Stevens Quartet Residency @ 'The Grafton' Kentish Town

                      14th  -          The 'Treach Guich Sensation' - European Tour-  The Music Village, 50 Steenstraat, Brussels      

                          6th    -         Ben Treacher Duo, Notes Coffee Shop, Moorgate

                          3rd    -         Chris Bowie 4tet, 'The Lordship'

​October            1st     -         The 'Treach Guich Sensation' Live @ Oliver's     

                           27th  -         Steve Taylor BigBand- Pizza Express, Dean Street, Soho        

                  25th  -         Skabretta- 'The Coach and Horses', Strood        

                            19th  -        Laura Holland Blues Band- Nambucca       

​                           18th   -        Ben Treacher Trio @ M Restaurant, Bank        

                           16th   -        Jeff Hooper BigBand at 'The Potters Resort' Grt Yarmouth

                           13th   -        Ben Treacher with BlackHeath Jazz Society at 'The Lord Northbrook'        

                           12th   -        The Red Roosters live @ The Duke, Wanstead

September        5th    -        Ben Treacher Quartet,  'Wall to Wall' Jazz Festival, Abergavenny

                                                (King's Head 6.45pm-8.15)


August             23rd   -        Leviathan Quartet, (Corporate Event), Near Chichester


                          27th   -        Leviathan Quartet, (Corporate Event), London

June                 26th   -        Pitstone Village Hall - Evening of Jazz, Ben Treacher Quartet

                                                    (Box Office: 01296 668094)


                          31st   -         The Ben Treacher Sensation @ The Russel Arms, Butler's Cross 4pm FREE ENTRY

                          23rd  -        Ben Treacher Trio M Restaurant 7pm- 10pm FREE ENTRY

                          22nd -        Ben Treacher Duo Bart's bar (Chelsea Cloisters) 

                         ​ 16th  -         Roadrunner, Weston

                          9th    -         The Leviathan Quartet- Grand Designs live at the ExCeL

                          2nd   -         The Ben Treacher Trio- M Restaurant, Bank FREE ENTRY

                           2nd  -         The Leviathan Quartet- Grand Designs live at the ExCeL

  May          1st    -         'Fossey Tango' at the TROXY- House band for the Miss USSR/London beauty pageant 


                           24th -        Ben Treacher in Duo, Bart's, Sloane Avenue, Kensington

                 22nd  -        NYJO in concert at Portsmouth Astor

                           18th  -        John Cervantes Trio, M Restaurant, Bank 19:00- 22:00pm FREE ENTRY

                           17th  -        Red Rooster's live at the Woolwich Equitable

                           15th  -        Steve Taylor BigBand in concert at Ziggie's

                            11th  -        Ben Treacher Trio, M Restaurant, Bank 19:00- 22:00pm FREE ENTRY

                            6th   -        Merlin's Payos Klezmer Band, Private function, Cardiff

                            4th   -        Soul Desire, Corporate function, Essex

April                  3rd    -    Duo with John Cervantes, Bart's, Sloane Avenue, Kensington


                           31st   -       The Treach Guich Sensation Live at Oliver's Jazz Bar, Greenwich 20:30pm

                           27th   -      The Blues Brother's Experience, Lichfield

               23rd   -       The Ben Treacher Quartet, Oliver's Jazz Bar 20:30pm £5 Tickets on Door

                           21st    -       Ben Treacher Trio, 'M' Restaurant, Bank, London

                            15th   -      Rivers of Love, Gospel Church, Woolwich 

               14th    -       Ben Treacher Trio, 'M' Restaurant, Bank, London

                           13th    -       Blues Brother's Experience, Buxton Opera House, Sheffield                       

                            1st     -       Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich

March                1st     -       The Treach Guich Sensation open The Royal Albert Jazz Jam, The Royal Albert Newcross road


                          28th    -       The John Cervantes Trio in concert at Eltham Palace

                          27th    -       Skabretta The Prince Albert, Gravesend 

                          22nd   -       Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich

                          21st     -       Merlin's Payos Klezmer Band in Concert at 'The Freud Museum'

​                          19th    -        The Ben Treacher Trio, VinVin Wine Bar Voorstraat, Utrecht, Holland

                          15th    -        Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich

                            8th    -        Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich

February            1st    -        Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich


                           13th   -        The Laura Holland Band, Hooley Town Hall, Working Men's Club

January            10th   -        Lisa's, Portobello Road, Band in residence

2014 Appearances

​December       31st     -      Soul Desire New Years Eve Party, David Lloyds Gym, Enfield

December       29th    -      St Mary's Church Wendover, Aylesbury Music Centre Big Band Reunion

December       19th     -      Alium Partners Christmas Party - Leviathan Quartet  

December       5th       -      The Roosters, Belgique Cafe, Wanstead

December       4th       -      The Swing Ninjas, Fairmont Montreux Palace Hall, Geneva, Switzerland 

December       3rd       -      Steve Taylor Bigband in concert, Dugdale Centre

November     16th       -      Rivers of Love Gospel Church, Woolwich, London

November     13th       -      Sadlers Wells Theatre - Leviathan Quartet 

November       9th       -      The Green House, High Street, Leighton Buzzard - The Ben Treacher Quartet

November        1st       -      Mansion House, London,  Halloween Ball -  Ben Treacher with DJs

October         27th       -      LSC Expressive Arts - Leviathan Quartet 

October         25th      -       Camden, London - SKAbretta Band

October         10th       -      Marsden Fringe Festival  - The Philippe Clout Quartet 

September      7th       -       The Bell, Stoke Mandeville - The Ben Treacher Quartet Burns it Down

August          30th       -       Abergavenny Black Mountain Jazz Festival - The Ben Treacher Trio

August          30th       -       Abergavenny Black Mountain Jazz festival - NYJO in Concert

August         22nd       -       Olivers Jazz Bar, Navada Street, Greenwich - The Ben Treacher Trio

August           16th       -       Warner Holidays, Isle of Wight - The Jeff Hooper Big Band

July                19th    -       Pitstone, Bucks - The Ben Treacher Quartet

July                15th       -       The Royal Courts of Justice -  The David Dyson Quartet

July                13th       -       The Green House, High Street, Leighton Buzzard - The Ben Treacher Quartet

July                12th       -       Romford Music Workshop - NYJO in Concert   

July                11th        -      Aylesbury Grammer School -  AGS Blue Note Jazz Evening

July                  6th       -      Battersea Sunwalk Festival - The Leviathan Quartet

June              23rd       -       The Vortex Jazz Club, London - Trinity Senior Jazz Ensemble led by Gareth Lockrane

June               15th       -       East Greenwich Pleasuance Party - Leviathan Saxophone Quartet

June               12th       -       The Duke, Creek Road, Deptford - Merlin's Payos/Mechles B'aard Klezmer Band

June                9th       -        Oliver's Jazz Bar - Treach/Hill/Threadgold Burn the Trio Down

May                31st       -       Saracen's Allianz Park Stadium - The Leviathan Quartet 

May               29th      -        The Duke, Creek Road, Deptford - The Morgan Brother's Big Band

​May               24th      -        The Underbelly, Hoxton - Palumbo and the Funk and Friends

May                18th       -      The Hideaway Jazz Club, Steatham - NYJO Residency

May                10th      -       Excel Exhibition Centre - Leviathan Saxophone Quartet live at Grand Designs

May                  3th      -       Excel Exhibition Centre - Leviathan Saxophone Quartet live at Grand Designs

May                   1st      -       The Duke, Creek Road, Deptford - Mechel's B'aard Klezmer Band

April              23rd      -        Hoxton, Hawkes Alcoholic Ginger Beer Launch - The Leviathan Quartet

April              19th       -       Slapton, Beds - The John Cameron Three - special guest: Ben Treacher

March           23rd       -       Proud Camden, Camden Market - Jules' Rythem and Blues Band

March           20th       -       Trinity Theatre, Royal Tumbridge Wells - The Blues Brothers Experience

March            13th       -       Greenwich London, Oliver's Jazz Bar  - The Ben Treacher Quintet, John Coltrane Tribute

March              1st        -       Northchurch Herts,  Studio Recording, Film Soundtrack - The Hatchling 

February      27th        -       Greenwich, London, Oliver's Jazz Bar - The Treach Guiche Sensation

February      20th       -       Blackheath Halls, Blackheath - Meckle's Bard Kleszmer Band

February       19th       -       Depford, London, The Taperia - The Leviathon Quartet

February       15th       -       Bradford Upon Avon, Wiltshire Music Centre - NYJO Live in Concert

January       22nd       -       Greenwich, London, Oliver's Jazz Bar - The Treach Guich Sensation

January       22nd       -       Cardiff, Dempseys - Ben Treacher Burns it Down!

January         10th      -       Stoke Mandeville, Bucks, The Bell - Live Jazz